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Wood Reps is a national association of independent sales reps specializing in the wood industry. We pair manufacturers with professional sales teams nationwide to help YOU sell YOUR product. WoodReps nationwide (USA) team of independent sales reps has the contacts and relationships with the major customers throughout the USA. We can get your product in front of the distributors and major manufacturers quickly.

Experience with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)

WoodReps strength is our strong relationships and decades of experience with major OEM's and distributors throughout the wood industry.

Sell Your Product Nationwide

WoodReps can help sell your product nationwide. Our strength is in our professional, experienced sales force. We pair manufacturers with sales reps.

Open Doors

You are one click away from opening every door in the market. Contact WoodReps today to learn more about how we can help you in the woodworking market! We would be happy to answer any question you may have with regard to services we provide. Feel free to call us directly at (414) 378-0537 or visit our Contact page for alternative contact methods.


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